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Tech Morph Gaming

We are; a PC gaming community, originated from Sri Lanka and expanding our horizons internationally. Currently we have teams representing us from our home country and our neighbouring country India. Tech Morph Gaming is one of the most reputed gaming clans in Asia, well-known for their size and gaming life style. In Tech Morph Gaming its not only about gaming but more. This Gaming community have been growing in numbers since its 3 year appearance in the gaming society and dominating the major gaming events during the last four years in both online and LAN platform.

We don't get things serious unless we are in the mood. Well-known as a fun community where you will always feel at home. No matter what, where you are from, what you do, at the end of day all what matters is you and how well you play as a team. That's all what it takes to be a Tech Morpher!!!

Professional Gaming teams

Call of Duty 4 wing (15+ teams):

League Of Legends

Team Kingdom - DOTA 2 Squad

Heroes of Newerth (HON) Squad

NFS - Most Wanted


Welcome to the brotherhood, It's not just about Gaming!!!!

Since 1st September 2009

Recent Posts/Topics

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[May 30, 2016, 12:16:34 AM]

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[May 27, 2016, 03:21:24 AM]

Video of the Week

July 14, 2010, 05:01:28 PM by Dushan | Views: 14472 | Comments: 0

How do I join Tech Morph:

Step 1. Go to Forum>>>> New Member Applications - under the General Board>>>> post a NEW TOPIC.
your Topic title should be " Application : your gaming name here" eg: Application: BoTi

Follow this format (Copy and past it to your new topic)and answer ALL the question on a created new topic.

Real Name*:
In-Game Name [IGN]*:
School* :
Games you play:
Your Talents (eg: Video Editing,Graphic Designing,Web Developing etc.)*:
Have you been in a clan or any community before*:
Are you currently or have been in any other clans, if yes, mention the clan name*:
If you answered yes above, reason for resignation or kick* :
Reason why you think we should recruit you :
Facebook profile*:
Mobile number(*):
Contact medium :
How did you hear about us*:
Any further comments:

(*) -  (just in case to contact for Matches and etc)

Please note that All fields with (  *  ) are required fields -your appication will not be valid if required fields are unsatisfied

Step 2. Wait till an Admin contacts you on the forums. please note that you should provide your vaild xfire details to avoild miscommunication. (adding an admin on xfire prior to will fasten things up )

Step 3. Your game play will be monitered by our admins, they will contact you regarding this.

Once these Steps are completed you will be invited to join our community

Important Notice
* Minimum time to process one application is 10 days and maximum 2 weeks
* Personal Friends and family is always invited, let the admins know (Friends known in game is not an exception)
* All Applicants must pay a Membership fee of Rs.200/month (Contact Tech Morph Finance Manager for easy payment modes and discounts on one time payments)

Recruit Admins : [TM]President
May 20, 2010, 05:40:45 PM by Rico Kurera (BoT) | Views: 12331 | Comments: 0

All Tech Morpher's please spare a time to read this:

* No Multi-Claning, and no Multi-Claners allowed in [ unless they don't play for previous clans or groups ]
* Hackers will not be allowed to join us and if any current players spotted hacking, the admins have rights to kick them out of the clan.
* Players should have their Clan Tags [TM]  when ever they are asked to. And it's a must during clan matches
* Respect the admins, team mates and opponents
* Players must have Team Speak 3 installed and should have an xfire account for contacts [ask admins for Team Speak Ips and passwords if you are unable to find]
* Players should be Dedicated to the clan
* Players should have time for Practises with the clan

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